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Scent of a Man

Posted on: August 20, 2007

My heart go out to all those men who have been pumping iron daily in the desperate hope that they will end up looking like Vin Diesel or Jean Claude van Dam. And to those trying to copy that ‘make my day’ swagger a la Clint Eastwood. The reason this sympathy is the findings in a study done by St. Andrews University that says the Ben Stillers and Orlando Blooms of the world rank much higher on the women’s most-wanted list than the Diesels and Eastwoods. The study adds that women see macho-looking men as less faithful, less warm and potentially poorer fathers. Men with more feminine features and a healthy visage are judged as being a better bet for a long-term relationship. The team asked nearly 100 women to make snap judgments on a variety of factors including the man’s social dominance, parenting skills and desirability after viewing images that had been digitally enhanced to emphasise masculine or feminine features.
An interesting bit of information, I must admit, but probably not very new considering men got a scent of this much earlier than we guessed. So they found out nice, market-savvy tags like metrosexuals, retrosexuals and ubersexual to describe their finer qualities. And, the movie world, the ultimate barometer of new social trends, was fast to cotton on and introduce ‘feminine’ male actors.
Now this frills and femininity is all very fine. But how many women want competition from their men? How many heroes do you find in say, Mills and Boon, who are busy getting in touch with their feminine side. No, we still fall for tall, dark and handsome. So Clint Eastwood has nothing to fear, he’ll still give the pretty boys a run for their money. The mystique of uncaring bad boys still holds great fascination for women. And no one is likely to muscle in on that for a while.


1 Response to "Scent of a Man"

“The team asked nearly 100 women..”

Maybe the team asked the wrong women.

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